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Sustainable construction on water

Living on water offers tranquillity, space, freedom and beauty.

Studio Noach developed ‘Green Floating'. A full concept for living on water on a foundation of recycled and recyclebale polystyreen (Rexwall), in combination with a high tech sustainable climate system and an ecological and botanical coating of plants and flowers.This formula offers an oasis of peace and pure wellness. An environment in which owners and users enjoy an extremely high quality standard of living. At the same time the concept offers a remarkable contribution in solving some of the major issues of our time.

Still, the building costs are relatively low and savings on energy costs rise up to 70%.

Floating Gardens/ SpaWellness Amsterdam

spa wellness amsterdam

spa amsterdam 

Oxygen Award for Studio Noach!

Studio Noach received the award for its 'Green Floating' project during the prestigious ‘Les Respirations' congress in Enghien les Bains, just outside Paris.
The bronze ‘Oxygen Award' was presented to Studio Noach founder Michel Kreuger by Wynecta Fisher, Director for Environmental issues and urban planning for the City of New Orleans'.

The 'Oxygen Awards' recognize and reward innovative technologies and concepts that contribute positively to air quality around the World.

‘Les Respirations' is supported by the French Ministry of Environmental Affairs and The
European Committee for sustainable Energy.

Anne Holtrop receives Charlotte Köhler prize for architecure

Architect Anne Holtrop, who currently works on the ‘Floating Gardens' resort for Studio Noach received the 2008 Charlotte Köhler Prize for Architecture on behalf of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation of the Netherlands.

Anne Holtrop (Tiel, 1977) of Amsterdam graduated cum laude at the Amsterdam Academy  of Architecture in 2005. During his studies he worked for different agencies, such as Claus and Kaan and CASE (a research foundation of Reinier de Graaf, John Bosch en Beth Margulis). Since March 2005 Anne Holtrop works as an independent architect. He is a guest lecturer at the Academies of Architecture in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as at the Technical University of Delft. He also works as an editor for OASE, an independent bilingual magazine for architecture. From the jury report: ‘Anne Holtrop is engaged in a highly personal search for his position in modern architecture whereby he definitely aims for the border zone in between architecture and modern art. A captivating search without conclusions yet, but with lots of promise. www.anneholtrop.nl

NMNM, Nouveau Musee National de Monaco, celebrated its opening  after almost two years of consolidation and renovation with "La Carte d'après Nature". Anne Holtrop presents Floating Gardens/SpaWellness Amsterdam together with work from artists Luigi Ghirri, Martin Boyce, Rodney Graham and René Magritte. 

'Floating Gardens/SpaWellness Amsterdam' also in Virserum Art museum Stockholm, Sweden, in Germany at the 'Ludwig Forum for International Art'' in Aachen during 'West Arch', and on the International travelling exhibition 'Architecture of Consequence'

At the São Paolo Architecture Biennale, ‘Architecture of Consequence' was released. In this book twenty-five Dutch design practices with outspoken opinions present their views on an agenda for the future of the world we live in. The result is a sample of the creative capacity of designers and a call to design a better world. The international travelling exhibition will be presented in Europe, next to Moscow, at the NAi in Rotterdam.

Anne Holtrop presents his design for 'floating gardens', featuring the revolutionary spa wellness facility. This Studio Noach project 'Floating Gardens/SpaWellness Amsterdam' meets the public for the first time!

studio noach

RexWallTM technology is among the strongest sustainable construction materials on this planet


Today, key components of composite sandwich material can be found in many parts of everyday life such as aircrafts, luxury yachts and wings of wind energy power generators.

RexwallTM technology was awarded the 'KOMPETENZPREIS' by Wolfsburg AG, a Joint Venture of Volkswagen AG and the City of Wolfsburg, Germany!



Studio Noach is constructing with recycled and recyclable polystyrene only!

Polystyrene packaging waste of TV's, refrigerators, hamburgers and coffees form an ideal basics for the production of RexwallTM sandwich building plates. RexwallTM therefore offers a great solution for a better and cleaner environment.


Award winning botanical architects Patrick Blanc and Jean-Luc Le Gouallec cooperate with Architect Anne Holtrop in the Studio Noach production ‘Floating Gardens/SpaWellness Amsterdam'. A floating 2000 m2 SpaWelness facility.

Patrick Blanc gained a worldwide reputation as he launched his 'Murs végétal', the green walls consisting of plants that, without soil, find their ways alongside museums and others buildings around the world.


Musée du quai Branly, Parijs


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